Know the Human Sexuality

Know the Human SexualityHuman sexuality is constructed in the mind and body of the individual from the experiences you have from early life and make it mean and integrate the experiences of pleasure, with being male or female, their affections which link with other human beings and their reproductive potential.

Studying sexuality scientifically claims a theoretical framework that may emphasize different aspects of sexual experience without compromising the scientific necessity of seeking objectivity. Anyway, sexuality and its problems require the involvement of a large number of professionals.
When you view the importance of mental processes in shaping human sexuality is a foregone conclusion to recognize the role of education, be it formal or otherwise, in determining the quality of sexual life of people and society. 

Therapeutic actions, whether physical or psychological nature, demanding an individual effort, professional and social greater than, while offering the individual and society with their sexuality problematical the chance of improvement should always be considered as actions to be taken to the failure of education. A better society requires living in harmony sexuality, responsible, full and free.

That is human sexuality?
Sexuality is an important chapter of the human being that integrates various facets of life intimately interrelated. When we analyze the sexuality we find purely biological factors, such as chromosomal characteristics, morphological and neuroendocrine characteristics of each one of the sexes. The psychological aspects of human sexuality are important, since they can model decisively.
Some of the alterations of sexuality are determined by factors of psychological or psychopathological, organic, cultural, social.

Sexuality implies a relational activity with another person, so we talk about sex.
This relationship is structured by the intervention of complex psychological mechanisms that determine the choice of the couple, such as physical attraction, the feeling, the enchantment, feelings, etc.

The affection has an especially important role because most satisfying sexuality is one that comes to be an expression of our feelings, our emotions, and love. Sexuality also implies some relationship between people, from a mere bond until more lasting ties like marriage. Also, being the vehicle of reproduction, can lead to linkages own parent-child relations and the establishment of a family. In sexuality are also involved ethical factors, which regulate and guide according to a personal code, and religious factors in relation to the particular rules of the religion they profess. Not to forget the socio-cultural factors that can shape sexuality, especially in regard to its form of expression, both individually and cooperatively.
Human sexuality has a basic element that is related to the personality, feelings and that makes the human being itself.

Sexuality is an essential component of man plans covering physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural diversity of ingredients that make up a rich and complex activity.
The sexual world is already in the child during the child and adolescent development, the world is changing, acquires different shades according to the stories of life that builds each, the same way that a man's sexual life is ending his life still exists, but to be undermined his physical strength choose the mode of affection, more detached purely sexual erotic theme. 

Sexological literature is now almost overwhelming, but the last word has not been spoken, until 1897, had not gone beyond anecdotes or literary accounts of the time, and is on that date that has lock Ellis tries to take it to another field scientific, rigorously studying and exposing their sexual psychology studies. Systematic knowledge, you want to analyze sexual orientation, modesty, sex techniques, the interpenetration of characters, impotence, Vaginismus and frigidity, relationship, etc. 

It was one of the first scientists to shattered sexist theories prevailing at that time. In the same way that was decisive participation in the discussions, that arose in the nineteenth century on sexual and psychological differences between men and women.

These scientific debates were chaired by facts of clinical observation.
The Kinsey report known that sexuality would cease to be a collection of anecdotes scattered events to be changing into a science with a working method. The research conducted both he and his collaborators were directed mainly towards the biological terrain. 

Later, the works of masters and Johnson try to study sexuality from the standpoint of physical pleasure, this work sought to not only see sexuality as scientific but also demystify; Kinsey work of Masters and Johnson, Kolodny, Helen Kaplan and the Pellegrini also known in Italy, of Giese and Schnaball in Germany, France Mac Orainson of Lorand in England, cashew in Spain, etc., were aligned in the same direction. Surveys, self-reports, sexual techniques, surgical etc., is thereby outlining the boundaries were blurred. 

Between normal and pathological sexuality call, so we come to our days it is essential to clarify concepts, undertake new and difficult tasks involved in the training and retraining of professionals in our country is devoted to the subject of human sexuality

Sexuality is a mysterious meeting, through which two people merge their projects in a relationship that still fundamentally body goes beyond the purely physical relationship is psychological, spiritual, social and cultural. That is the greatness of human sexuality.
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