HTC One Google Edition

Sundar Pichai had a surprise in his pocket during the D11 conference All Things Digital: HTC Pure One with Android, available in a month on Google Play. Sundar Pichai, the new master of the destiny of Android while remaining supervisor Chrome OS, answered questions from Wall Mossberg of All Things Digital blog affiliated with the Wall Street Journal at the D11 conference.

He again said that the two OS were brought to remain distinct even if the gateways will become more frequent them. It is yet to take advantage of opportunities in the market of Smartphone’s and tablets, and may raise the platforms then but when the time is right and the market is ready.

Regarding Android, he stressed the importance of preserving the user experience an aspect that Google intends to keep the hand beyond the opening of the mobile platform. Hence the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Edition Google, The arrival of HTC Google One Edition on June 26 in the United States that will be offered on the Google Play Store for 599 dollars.

Sundar Pichai in also had a hand in it showed the audience with pure Android Jelly Bean on board, without the HTC Sense overlay. While allowing partners to adapt the interface according to their needs, Google wants to maintain an interface unit on some models and especially ready to embrace the future uses and technologies. He also stressed that he had no special problem with the overwhelming dominance of Samsung among all Android partners Google and he saw a symbiotic relationship that should continue.

As for Motorola Mobility owned by Google, interest in the manufacturer is not different from that brought to Samsung. There would therefore no particular preference, still fear that the actors of the Android ecosystem.
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