Awaken the fervor in your marriage

Even the most loved-up couple has to accept that as time passes the initial heat of the “honeymoon period” will cool to a gentle simmer, unless a determined effort is made to keep the flames leaping around. And while it is physically impossible for flesh and blood to sustain the prolonged passion and sexual tension which spans the Fifty Shades’ trilogy, with a little imagination there is no reason why you and your long term partner can’t rock each other’s worlds at regular intervals for years to come.

Role playing is good and fantasizing about his donning shining armor and showing up on a white steed can only be good for your libido. But wishful thinking and leaving it up to him to miraculously happen upon new and adventurous ways to rekindle those original thrills and delicious sensations that made you fall in love in the first place.

So, as a red blooded woman who is contentedly hitched but longs for real fireworks, take the plan & help turn your sensual wish-list into reality. After all, we live in and the same opportunity world and love comes in all kinds of guises. We all know that love the simple things that keep us close.

A handwritten welcome home note when he’s been away on business will be much appreciated but if you’re looking for a somewhat more loving response, a well-planned dinner served by candlelight, with a little choice aphrodisiac on the menu, is more likely to reawaken the embers. 

If you follow this up with a relaxing foot massage with scented aromatherapy massage oil, you are bound to be hot footing it to the bedroom even before desert is served. 

An additional way to love the flames is to invest in a Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate massager, and give his muscles a really good working over.
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