Sexting, rising conduct

Sexting, rising conduct
Computer technology and mobile products have invaded our lives, including work, relationships and sex. Many things that until recently were only personally, face to face, now part of the virtual exchange. The sexting-a new practice that emerges in this new social context is exchanging phrases and words and erotic sex via text messages, including graphic images also.

To the extent that the phone is an accessory that is part of our daily lives, almost like an extension of the hand, everything related to their use is natural and makes us question it too. Then perhaps a way to cause your partner can be a word, a phrase or even a story overtly sexual, written in a chat or SMS, whereas before it was perhaps a voice call.Going a little further, when there is more animes you maybe trust a suggestive picture, or even pornographic provocative involved where your body and your face.

But be careful. The relationships end, and not always on good terms. Moreover, sometimes that supposedly unconditional trust and love, they become a destructive desire for revenge ... and there you can fall into account that communication as "natural" is the beginning of a nightmare. Whether you're a celebrity as unknown, will always be a torture knowing your intimate photos or comments are shared with third or even published on the Internet.

If you take pictures or record erotic videos, make sure it's just one game at the time and immediately deletes the images. For examples of men and women surely have nearby examples-who have suffered exposure of their privacy and that has negatively impacted his life, in different orders. And do not think that these are things that happen "others", because at any moment a careless passes may make part of that list.

Remember that one of the fundamental sexual rights is the right to privacy, and therefore your sexuality does not have to show when you do not want that to happen.Then you are responsible for doing things to ensure that right, care for these details that we sometimes do not care.
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