France's Fashion TV Tries for Dubai venture

Fashion TV
French based broadcaster Fashion TV has announced plans to open a restaurant & bar in Dubai. Studio F at the B. Jumeirah Emirates Towers, is going to be a fashion studio by day, restaurant & bar in the early evening & by night, a late night VIP lounge, Fashion TV president Michel Adam said in an comments published by Dubai daily Gulf News.

The six hundred capacity venue will be located on the upper floor & is set to open in middle February, it said.

Adam said: “I am very excited by the opportunity to bring Fashion TV’s afterdark energy to the Emirates in the form of Studio F. 

"I am sure the market here is now ready for us having experienced our previous events in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the natural home ground of luxury, fashion & style & it is fitting that Fashion TV has a new address here."

He added that with thirty HD cameras, the studio will be able to broadcast live satellite & Youtube feeds of inhouse runway events & parties to its five hundred million Fashion TV viewers all over the world.

 Dubai was named as the place for the world's first Fashion Hotel, with more to follow in key fashion cities around the world.

Fashion TV announced that it had signed an agreement with Al Habtoor Group of United Arab Emirates to build the 5-star hotel but no further details have been announced.

The Fashion TV said at the time, the hotel is set to be thirty storeys high & the exterior will display a projection using a hundred metre light emitting diode screen, broadcasting the latest Fashion TV highlights & many more.

Its two hundred rooms will be well equipped with the latest lighting & audio-video technologies & the hotel will also have a wide range of restaurants, bars, lounges, spas & cinemas, nightclubs & more amazing fashion-themed rooms.

 After launching in Paris, Europe's fashion capital ever, Fashion TV's initial strategy was to attain a global dominance of the fashion-broadcasting sector.

Today, the broadcaster reaches more than three hundred & fifty million households worldwide.

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