Schedule of Caring the Aquarium

caring of Aquarium
Taking care of an aquarium is a very complicated issue. If we are consistent and do all the work in a schedule then it will be more enjoyable & easy. Here discuss how to caring aquarium in a schedule.

Daily Care

Switching on and off of lights:
Aquarium light should be on between 10-12 hours and if possible by turning the light at the same times every day. To facilitate this task, it is advisable to use a programmer. 

Checking Temperature of the Aquarium:
Termocalefactores currently existing in the market, maintaining the temperature in the ideal range is easy. The work would check the temperature once a day to check if it has not spoiled the thermal heater. If we have a freshwater tropical aquarium normal ranges are between 24 and 28 º C, and can even be 30 º C in aquaria Disk. If we Carassius ideal temperature is between 18 and 22 º C and can withstand even a wider range but not adequate for their health.
Check if the filters or air pump works well. A malfunction of the filter or air pump can bring problems for fish and for nitrifying bacteria (the latter need constant oxygen to stay alive). 

Feed fish 2-3 times per day:
This should be done in a small amount at a time and with repetition so that the fish are able to eat the food in a short period of time and not fall to the bottom. Remember that there are bottom fish that need be powered by what is recommended pills especially designed for them, and that they will fund.
Besides dry food sold in shops can give live food such as brine shrimp or daphnia. In the first case we have to feed fry and in the second case above all in stimulating our fish.

Weekly Maintenance for Aquarium
Water change:
To maintain water quality in your aquarium is the ideal weekly partial changes corresponding to 20%.
To accomplish this task we recommend the use of a siphon, which allows you to tease out the aquarium water while allowing you to clean the gunk that builds up in the background. We can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the bottom if you do not wish to change water as she circulates water holding tank and returning it to waste in a container. We also clean glass magnets to help us remove the tiny algae that form in ACUARI glasses.
When refilling the aquarium is extremely important to use products that remove chlorine from the water and help protect the mucosa of fish. The water you add should be at the same temperature as the aquarium that is, to avoid problems with your fish and plants. 

Water Test:
It is very good to keep water conditions, so it is important to measure nitrite, pH, KH and GH once a week (see more information in chapter H2O). Today it is even advisable to measure PO4 (phosphates), so to have controlled a possible increase in algae.
Care as required

Cleanup is important to remove the leaves unsightly or unsafe, perform pruning as long as necessary and finally remove the algae from the glass. 
Changing the lighting tubes:
The tubes should be changed every six months, even if they work. If the aquarium has more than one tube is recommended to change one time first and then change the other, thus avoiding an abrupt change in the intensity of illumination.
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