Activists Push for Woman-Centered AIDS Strategy at PACHA Meeting

AIDS Advocate Linda H. Scruggs at PACHA (photo courtesy of Victoria Quezada)
Women AIDS activists pushed for a more aggressive work from federal agencies to address the AIDS epidemic in women and girls, at the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) meeting held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week in Washington, DC.
The meeting’s calendar focused on the epidemic’s appulse on women, and what PACHA could potentially do to admonish the White House and added agencies to acknowledge the needs of women for prevention, assay and care. Several advisers and advocates presented assay and assay account the disparate appulse of the HIV/AIDS catching on women, and a charge for absorption on some of the amusing determinants of HIV vulnerability for women including changeable bloom services, housing, and responses to gender-based and affectionate accomplice violence.
“Although there is language in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy calling for integration of HIVtesting with reproductive health services, and a commitment to reducing mother to child transmission, these mentions are not sufficient to address the needs of women,” said C. Virginia Fields, in a statement she read representing the 30 for 30 Campaign.
On the additional day of the meeting, Naina Khanna, PACHA affiliate and Director of Action and Community Organizing for WORLD, presented a resolution for PACHA to appeal the Office of National AIDS action to actualize specific targets and goals in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy for women with HIV. The resolution was anesthetized on to the Access to Care Committee, and will after be brought to a vote.
Some of the added issues that were aloft at PACHA (but did not accept abounding absorption of the meeting) were the appulse of the Affordable Care Act on Ryan White CARE Act (specifically, if Ryan White loses above funding, what appulse that will accept on association based AIDSorganizations), and application the International AIDS Conference as an befalling to draw the American public’s absorption to the calm AIDS epidemic.
Read the 30 for 30 Campaign statement to PACHA below:

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