FEMEN Activists showed their pierogi

Activists of the Ukrainian movement FEMEN, famous for bare chest protest, which was first exposed, not for politics but for the love of art. Recently the Full-flavored maidens weighed bare for men’s magazine FEMEN activists showed their pierogi.
Members of the Organization of Alexander, Inna, Julia and Xenia undressed for the February numbers magazine Loaded. The photo shoot could not be done without the girls using some sort of political props as a national subject. So, the girls brought in wreaths with ribbons and topless posing with Pierogi dumplings. However, the birthday suits of the ladies of FEMEN will not surprise many folks, because almost all of their shares are held in a state of undress. Even the cold does not prevent them to take an active political position and disrobe in the name of something.

Around the world on the Ukrainian talked about how girls who are protesting – the ladies explained his passion for getting naked in an interview.

In preparation for the Euro 2012 football games in Kiev, Ukraine, a proposed city wide beautification initiative stipulates local government should mandate the removal of all unsightly laundry and other personal items from apartment balconies. Underwear hung to dry and fully-nude or half-nude people would also be prohibited on terraces.  Members of the feminine organization, FEMEN were not having this, so they took to the streets.

The group found a creative way to protest the plan and turn up the heat in temperatures that were five degrees below freezing — they took off their tops! These girls were determined to stick out in the crowd and stand up for the right to aerate their undergarments.

“Our balcony is our castle!” and “We want to walk on our balcony in our negligees!” is what they shouted during the demonstration as they joined the ranks of the yoga protester, who opposed sending troops to Afghanistan, and the gasoline protestor who spent too much on petrol and not enough on clothing.
I think everyone knows there is always a right  way and a wrong way of doing anything. This is the Absolute CORRECT way to protest about something that you don’t like or want to change. Taliban, Greenpeace and other activist organizations could certainly take notes from these FEMEN women learn how to B*tch the right way… Hey, who knows, we might not listen but at least we will look.
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