Needed: An IITian sperm donor!

My wife and I are looking for a suitable sperm donor for fresh In Vitro procedure very soon! Ideal candidate should be IIT student, healthy, no bad habits, tall and fair if possible but will consider the right donor regardless of looks etc. Time is of the essence, so please call asap. Compensation twenty thousand rupees cash. Call or email asap. Authentic ad, we need donor within two weeks most likely. Please help us start a family filled with love and prosperity. References will be required and checked (sic).

The above is the text given in an advertisement of a website that has created a stir nationally within the student community. While doctors admit that the childless couple has unofficially expressed the desire to have high IQ guys as sperm donors, this is the first time that they've come across such an advertisement. As for students' reactions, they range from bizarre to being okay with this desire of the parents-to-be.

Says Dr Prateek Tambe from a Mumbai-based fertility and IVF centre, "I've come across cases where people have specially mentioned that they want sperm donors with IIT or IIM background. Generally, people feel that doing so will ensure an intelligent baby! Demands are high for foreign donors as well. But up until now, such requests were made within the four walls of a doctor's chamber. Placing an ad is something new."

Sunny Puruswani, a third year B Tech student from IIT Chennai, feels the couple from Chennai has been misguided by a fraud doctor. Says Rohit Khattar, a third year B Tech student from IIT Bhubaneswar, "There is nothing wrong if a person can be of help to a couple. Surrogacy or IVF is neither a new concept nor is it legally unacceptable. What's the harm if an IITian is approached for this? But if someone comes to me with such an offer, I will make him understand that just being an IITian doesn't guarantee anything about a person's ability or aptitude. It requires a lot more to be a perfect human being."

Prateek Kishore, a second year student of IIT Kharagpur, feels it's futile to debate this issue. "I'd say, it makes no sense to talk about this issue at all. To each his own. A person from an arts background can have a higher IQ compared to any IITian," Prateek insists.

Vivek Agarwal, a final year B.Tech. student from IIT Kanpur, wouldn't oblige if such a request came by. "That's because this is all about donating a part of my body. There is an emotional connect involved in it. I don't think, this will be acceptable to society at large. Nobody is born an Einstein. A person's dedication and hard work decide his fate. Success is not hereditary that gets transmitted from one generation to another," Vivek explains.
Meanwhile, Monish Sipani, a third year B.Tech. student, IIT Bombay, says "I too have come across this classified ad circulating in social networking sites. Everybody is criticizing the whole purpose of trying to rope in an IITian. Personally, I don't support this. I don't understand the mindset of people who have come up with such an ad. Both scientifically and biologically, it is impossible to expect a child to have all traits of his parents."

Ujjawal Kalra, a third year student from IIT Guwahati, finds this a funny situation. "I don't know how this couple came up with this brilliant idea of a child inheriting the IQ of the parents. A child can never be expected to be the carbon copy of his parents. It's ultimately his hard work that'll decide his success."

Just targeting an IIT or IIM student is like undermining the intelligence of people from other fields. Is there any guarantee that a couple from IIT will have a child who will be talented enough to join the same institute?

- Vivek Agarwal, a final year B.Tech. student from IIT Kanpur

I'd say, it's a personal choice. But judging a person based on his profession or academic record is wrong. I can't accept that under any circumstances.

- Prateek Kishore, a second year student of IIT Kharagpur

I am appalled that someone could come up with this idea. Why don't people understand that success doesn't come only if a person is born to talented parents?

- Ujjawal Kalra, a third year student from IIT Guwahati

(Source The Times of India)

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